Free Diagnostics. 

At Cory's Affordable Computers we know you wanna know why your computer is acting up and don't want to spend a fortune finding out why, that's why we offer the first 30 minutes of your diagnostics free. 


  • Diagnostics: (First 30 minutes free)
  • Clean-up: $60
  • On-site Services: $80 an hour
  • Printer Set-up Only: $50
  • Re installation of OS: $100
  • Data Transfer Up to 200GB: $60 

*All rates are subject to change depending on needs*
*24 hour return policy (no CASH refunds in store credit only)*


Great Service!

“Cory's service was top-notch and very personal. He made sure I was taken care of instead of just running away!”

— A.B.

Fast & Friendly!

“As soon as I called Cory he made a next-day appointment and solved all my problems. I would recommend him to anyone needing a fast and friendly solution.”

— L.K.

Great Products!

“Cory went above and beyond to find the exact computer I needed and wanted. This level of service is hard to come by!”

— J.Y.

Staff Contact Info:

Cory Salmans (Owner): 386-341-3211
Ryan Ferris (Tech Manager): 814-573-7891
Alex Burkhard (Web Design): 941-787-9456